Kahdy Scholarship

Important Opportunity

Chance to WIN BIG, while supporting

The Kahdy Enloe Scholarship!!!!

The Enloe Class of 1968 is holding a 50/50 REVERSE RAFFLE as part of their 50th Reunion celebration. Proceeds will benefit The George A. Kahdy Enloe High School Alumni Scholarship Endowment. The drawing will be held on September 29, 2018. You do not have to be present to win; however, you are most welcome to attend the reunion by registering on our Class of 1968 Website!  Only a limited number of 200 tickets are being sold at $100.00 per ticket!  Two (2) $5,000 cash prizes will be drawn by Mr. Kahdy doing the honors!  Your chances of winning are GREAT ODDS - 1 in 100!!  You must be 18 years old to purchase.  Your check is not tax deductible.

To purchase ticket/tickets, please make your check payable to: Enloe Class of 1968, and mail to: Kelli Moore Barham, 430 Weathergreen Drive, Raleigh, NC  27615,  no later than August 1Please note on check for Raffle. Once your check has been received, Kelli will mail you your raffle ticket/tickets.  For further questions, feel free to contact Kelli at 919-606-1698 cell or kellibarham@nc.rr.com.

With the deeply appreciated joint help/support from all our friends from the classes of the 60’s, there is no doubt this initiative will be a grand success.   

On behalf of all those involved in the Endowment, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to thank you for your purchase.  


History of the George A. Kahdy Scholarship Endowment

In planning a 2007 multi-class reunion, several Enloe graduates had the idea to establish The George A. Kahdy Scholarship Endowment.  The Scholarship was named in honor of the school's founding principal, George A. Kahdy and is designed to promote scholarship, leadership, and carry on the legacy of a great school. 

Students eligible to receive scholarships from the endowment will be graduates from Enloe High School, and will be required  to demonstrate academic achievement, good character and integrity, service to school and community, and involvement in school activities, and financial need. 

The Kahdy Scholarship is a way for ALL Enloe Graduates, and anyone associated as part of the Enloe family, to remember and pay tribute to one another by way of honorariums and memorials. We encourage businesses and individuals and groups to help support our community-based scholarship that will benefit young men and women with  the aspiration to better themselves and their communities through higher education, in which everyone has an investment.